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We've got articles on the best running gear, hiking boots and fitness exercises. Our reviews section covers one piece of exercise equipment each week for your convenience and information. Strength training tips and cardio training exercises are all here for you at Kieroad.Whether you want to hike, bike, paddle board or kayak, we'll help you find the right gear and train properly. We strive to provide high quality advice on how to make the most of your next outdoor experience. Get ready!Kieroad helps you get fit so that you can enjoy more adventures and a better life.


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The goal of Kieroad is to provide the best outdoor gear and equipment reviews, as well as adventure recommendations for you and your next outing. Whether it's on the trails or in the air, at sea or on land, we'll help you get there with our expertise. We're here on behalf of all adventurers who want to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and new experiences that the great outdoors has to offer.All outdoor recreationists are welcome at Kieroad!No matter what kind of outdoor recreation you enjoy, there's a place for you on Kieroad. We have climbing gear reviews and recommendations, kayaking equipment advice, and inflatable SUP board comparisons (Paddle Board reviews). We have biking gear advice, motorcycle reviews, and we even review inflatable camping mattresses. Whether you're biking over sand dunes or kayaking Pacific Northwest canyons, Kieroad has all the content you need to find the best equipment for your next adventure.Our goal is your fun.Kieroad's mission: fun times in the great outdoors through excellent product recommendations and advice.

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Kieroad is where outdoor enthusiasts go to find the best new experiences. Find activities and get personalized product recommendations. Browse user reviews from other outdoor recreationists for expert opinions of adventure equipment.

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Every product review has a star rating and a written review from an outdoor recreationist.Our reviews are written by real people like you, so we can tell you where it excels, and where it falls short. Our ratings are based on quality, value, durability and other considerations.

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Get personalized gear recommendations for your next adventure. Kieroad recommends products based on user ratings and review text from other outdoor recreationists like you. Let Kieroad do the work for you when searching for new gear to add to your collection.

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Kieroad does more than review outdoor equipment and gear; we're all about finding new experiences and making memories in the process. Share your adventures with other adventurers on Kieroad - who knows, you might find a new friend for your next adventure!Whether you are planning a hike or canoe trip, want to find the best hiking boots, need some climbing gear, wondering about watercraft helmets or just looking for some fresh ideas on what to do outdoors, Kieroad has you covered.We're not just a blog, we're a community with our eyes on the outdoor adventure sky!

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Get personalized product recommendations to find what you need faster.

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